Job Offers China


Our jobs in China are all in the automotive sector. Our database includes 600 vacancies. If yours is not listed here, please contact us.
Our customers are well-known OEMs. And includes the following offer: Salary 120k to over 500k Euro net / netto. International private schools and kindergarten (free),
Car with driver, Free Apartments (Luxurious), Leisure activities and Sports / Spa and much more.


1. Pure electrical longitudinal dynamics simulation chief engineer

2. Pure high voltage electrical safety engineer

3. Deputy Head of HV Software Development

4. Software developer for hybrid systems for functional safety

5. Development engineer for hybrid powertrain controllers

6. Hybrid Powertrain Controller Application Software Development Chief Engineer

7. Deputy Chief Hybrid system calibration

8. Hybrid power system functional design and integrated development
    Deputy Chief Engineer

9. Review of the integration of hybrid systems
    Head of Engineer

10. Electrotechnical test design, hybrid system

11. Chief engineer for mechanical test design for hybrid systems

12. VP Designer


13. Director Design


14. Platform software / hardware system architect These two positions are in the field of classic automotive electronics


15. Engine Development and Design Expert

16. Cooling system design expert

17. Moving parts design expert

18. EGR valve circuit design expert

19. Thermal shock simulation expert

20. CFD analysis, thermal management analysis expert

21. Combustion system design expert

22. Vehicle calibration expert

23. System Integration Expert

24. NVH simulation analysis expert

25. Supercharger Bearing System Design Expert

26. Design expert of Supercharger valve mechanism

27. Supercharger and Engine Integral Matching Development Expert

28. Engine Strategy Development Expert

29. Engine Testing Expert

30. Comprehensive Engine Manufacturing Expert

31. Damping Rubber Material Recipe Design & Development