Clutch Design Expert


1. Be in charge of the design of DCM components

2. Be in charge of the design and optimization of DCM components' structure

3. Be in charge of making optimization scheme based on test data

4. Be in charge of confirming the performance parameter of DCM and making the design calculation

5. Be in charge of problem solving during the DCM development process

6. Be in charge of training the clutch team member to improve the development ability of team

7. Going to research and apply the new technology to keep the product advancement



1. Education background: Bachelor or above

2. Major : Hydraulic , Machine etc

3. Working experience and qualification : Be engaged in the DCM design for 10 years above , strong organization and coordination ability 

4. Skills requirement

1) Be able to do the design of DCM components ( friction plate /steel plate /spring /piston etc) independently

2) Be able to do the layout of DCM and oil circuit design

3) Be able to solve the DCM problems which happens in calibration and test, and judge the clutch system problem based on the vehicle and transmission problem