Composite Development and Test Expert (Carbon Fiber Direction)

Job responsibilities:

1. Selection of carbon fiber composite materials according to the design requirements of on-board hydrogen storage tanks

2. Responsible for testing and analysis of carbon fiber/prepreg tape performance

3. Propose optimizing scheme based on problems occurred in composite material forming and testing process.

4. Establish carbon fiber/prepreg tape performance evaluation system, formulate evaluation methods, criteria, etc.

5. Establish a rational performance evaluation process of carbon fiber/prepreg tape to meet the performance evaluation requirements of carbon fiber/ prepreg tape with a low testing cost.

6. Formulate the operation rules of related composite materials testing instruments

7. Assist team in daily work.

Job requirements:

1. English is a must

2. Bachelor degree or above

3. More than 15 years experience in composite materials is preferred, skilled use of composite testing equipment is preferred

4. Proficient in using Office and other office software to design documents, charts, PowerPoint and other documents.

5. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, collaboration skills and organizational planning skills, able to integrate into the team.