Expert on Development and Evaluation of Vehicle Networking /Intelligent Networking of European Market Models

Current situation analysis

Developing models for European markets requires people who are familiar with the local market demand for vehicle networking/intelligent interconnection. We need candidates to work on proposals and goals for Vehicle Networking/Intelligent Interconnection Technologies, and be able to make a comprehensive judgment on the conformity of European market demand for Vehicle Networking Technologies. In addition, sometimes candidate has to manage some related outsourcing work.


Topics to be solved by experts and expected results

Comprehensive judgment of European vehicle competitiveness and problem points, and command the development activities of vehicle networking/intelligent interconnection for European market models


Job responsibilities:

1. Comprehensive Evaluation of Vehicle Networking/Intelligent Interconnection in European Market

2. Management of related business entrusted to external professional and technical companies



1. Over 15 years working experience in European OEMs, among which over 5 years relevant working experience

2. Familiar with European automobile market, network environment, automobile networking, customer preferences and needs

3. Integrated Management Capability Including Cooperation with Network Providers