Fuel Cell System Electrical and Electronics Wring Harness Lead Engineer

To lead fuel cell electrical and electronics wiring harness design team as E/E wiring harness design team, should be capable of designing wiring harness design for both high voltage and low voltage cabling connections, writing harness design requirement, commissioning plan, commissioning test reports, fuel cell system E/E architecture design, and support other teams within fuel cell system department. As the E/E

wiring harness design lead engineer you will be a member of the E/E division of fuel cell system department.


You will also advise the E/E division with initial fuel cell system E/E wiring harness design and participate in E/E test trips where necessary. The main responsibilities and tasks are described below:



  • Responsible for designing and developing fuel cell system high/low voltage wiring harness from schematics generation to 2D Drawings.

  • Regularly monitor the team and perform high voltage wiring harness design validations through the testing for E/E division such as PDU, DC/DC and dump resistor.

  • Responsible for handling a team of people who working on the low voltage wiring harness for the both sensors and actuators, test rig constructions, and electrical testing issues and develop a commissioning test protocol based on harness testing requirement.

  • To design, develop and implement all E/E wiring harness design features in the particular platform fuel cell system meeting all regulatory standards/requirements with in project time line.

  • Define within the E/E team the specifications and testing/commissioning of fuel cell wiring harness design. .

  • Weekly reporting to Management on status of design work and commissioning test work.

  • Evaluate existing and new designs for compliance to internal and external standards and review designs for various governmental regulation compliance.

  • Be aware of EMI when implemented wiring harness design for fuel cell system in case of EMS issues.

  • Should concentrate to minimize using the wiring harness during the design in order to achieve light weighting of the fuel cell system.

  • Should have knowledge on working of BOM details of components.

  • Must demonstrate a high degree of problem solving ability, especially in the field of expertise. Usage of Quality tools, DFMEA, Harness design and testing Procedures Reviews & Project management

  • Developing of the technical skills of the sensors/actuators calibration and E/E testing development group (supporting, mentoring, and training less experienced team members).

  • Must know of wiring harness design software Catia, AutoCAD, and CHS. Fluent in use of personal computer programs such as Access, Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.

  • Support the E/E testing team resolve testing concerns and customer complaints internally and externally.

  • Evaluation & benchmarking wiring harness design of different fuel cell systems.

  • Implement work arranged by the chief engineer

  • Independent evaluation of measurements and test results.

  • Try to learn some basic Chinese in speaking and listening