Hydrogen storage system Engineer (Sensor and electronic control system of HSS)

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for design of on-board hydrogen security strategy, control strategy, filling strategy, hydrogen leakage detection and alarm strategy, etc.

2. According to the design requirements, complete selection and performance verification for detection and transmission mechanism electrical parts of hydrogen storage system, such as hydrogen pressure sensor, temperature sensor, solenoid valve, infrared communication device, etc.

3. Complete the design of hydrogen storage system control system according to the design specifications and relevant standards&regulations;

4. According to standard regulations and vehicle requirements, complete the design of hydrogen storage system leakage alarm device and hydrogen refueling communication control system

5. According to vehicle safety and functional requirements, based on relevant standards and regulations, assist to achieve vehicle control strategy design.

Job requirements:

1. Electrical and electronic control major, more than 10 years relevant work experience;

2. Familiar with the structure and working principle of gas pressure and temperature sensors, gas solenoid valves, and gas concentration sensors.

3. English is a must

4. Prefer candidates with relevant work experience