Tophat-Side & Doors & Roof Engineering


1.Lead the concept study and establish vehicle attribute targets based on competitive benchmarking, internal requirements, quality objectives, and third party ratings. 

2.To track architecture and concept integration, issue resolution and verification progress in FC-process.

3.Per Block: Owns FC-Process

    - At FC-3 secure planning together with the other areas

    - Follow up deliveries and secure decision on balancing

    - Continuously update FC-list

    - Secure planning together with the other areas at FC0 

    - With input from Engineering and Attributes define geometrical alternative

    - Secure that Block deliveries follow program plan and the generic Vehicle Integration Plan

    - Update the maturity according to the FC-lists, where the FC-lists contains items needed and maturity plan per item and FC-phase.

4.Balance systems requirement into vehicle attribute targets and associated hardware decisions. 

5.Develop vehicle, system and component’s virtual and physical verification plan for all functions.

6.Define possible master sections / setups to start detailed design in Conc. and V0 V-phases.

7.Lead on DPA1 to secure the geometrical compatibility of the complete vehicle to establish whether the data is fit for purpose for downstream usage.

8.Follow up the integration, issue resolution and verification progress in the feasibility, concept and styling convergence processes with the responsible PSS team.

9.Secure that all relevant geometrical conflicts and issues at complete vehicle level are solved.

10.To deliver:

    - 100% feasible architectures and vehicle concepts

    - Architecture and platform scalability documentation

    - Feasibility Checklist Scorecard

    - CV-specification, Hardpoints, Architecture & Concept layouts and Concept templates

    - Concept modeller

    - Engine Roll model

    - Gate reports

    - Timeplans

11.Geometric integration of Side/Doors/Roof components with CATIA V5, including A/B/C pillar trim, doors trim, headliner, sunroof, etc.

12.Develop Side/Doors/Roof layout strategy and layout solutions.

13.Coordination and implementation of digital studies for vehicle packaging of Side/Doors/Roof, taking into account ergonomics, packaging space, homologation, tooling feasibility and critical performance, ensure the packaging complies with legal/corporate requirements.

14.Coordination and implementation of improvement measures taking into account economic, qualitative and timing aspects.

15.Work with Styling department for feasibility analysis of Packaging.

16.Work on whole vehicle package task to realize most optimized performance, resolve Side/Doors/Roof package problems.



1.Education from university/technical college, Bachelor of science or equivalent experience.

2.>10 years’ experience from automotive R&D.

3.>5 years’ experience as 1st Vehicle Integration Engineer.

4.Very Good knowledge of automotive product development process. Participation in several complete development loops/programs.

5.Excellent knowledge of Vehicle Integration requirements, methods, tools and processes.

6.Fully capable of coaching engineers in the geometry and mechanical integration process.

7.Very good experience of leading Vehicle Integration tasks with several participants to solution.

8.Very good communication skills.

9.Very good complete vehicle knowledge.

10.Capable of delivering high quality CAD proposals/solutions on regular basis.


1.Capacity to involve people in some open issues.

2.Have a skill on the different methods to manage the issues.

3.Capacity to make clear report and assessment.

4.Self-discipline and organizational ability.

5.Good relationships required.

6.Ability to adapt and learn quickly.

7.Professional, Friendly, enthusiastic, mentor potential.

8.Highly motivated and with challenge spirit.